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Live Olympics Dashboard (Last updated: Aug 24, 2008, 6:15 am PST) Reports Embedded from Zoho Reports

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Medal Standings


Earl Rudolfo 2540 - days ago 
Another great example of creativity in using Zoho apps - very cool!
mhuwe@amicus.com 2540 - days ago 
FYI! For some reason the Medal Standings module does not show the data grid in Safari. I can see in fine in FF. (I am using a MacBook Pro)

Very cool use of your Apps though!

Clarence Rozario 2540 - days ago 
Hi MH,

Currently Zoho DB & Reports does not support Safari, hence you face that problem. We will be supporting Safari in the future. Please do use FF or IE for the time being.


Zoho DB & Reports
pbaques@gmail.com 2539 - days ago 
Can you do a statistic showing number of medals PER ATHLETE in delegation?
mark 2539 - days ago 
how many athletes are there at the games?
pbaques 2538 - days ago 
Mark, I mean PER COUNTRY... so if you have 60 medals and 600 athletes (China probably more...) you have 60/600 = 0.1 medals per athlete. But if you have 5 athletes (How many from Zimbabwe?) and you have ONE medal you have won 1/5 = 0.2 per athlete.... double than China! That is what I am talking about.
Where can we get the number of athletes per country?...
Kovil Pillai Paulthiraviam 2538 - days ago 
Hi pbaques!

Why not? Checkout the following link

It has "Medals Per Participant" value as well as "Numer of Participants" and the "Total" Medals won by each country. Tryout the sort and filter do get more finer information.

Mark: Kindly note that the above has number of athletes.

Kovil Pillai P.,
Zoho DB & Reports.
Shane 2535 - days ago 
First - thanks for you work and contributing these excellent stats ;)

I was just thinking that it would be cool to see stats on the world records broken during the Olympics. There seems to be a ton from swimming and track and field.
SM 2535 - days ago 
Thanks for the superb work.
Is there any way I can download the report for offline analysis?

kcaise 2535 - days ago 
Thank you so much for posting and gathering these stats. They will be used and referred to often by educators using charts and graphs of real life examples. Thanks!
moanazoho 2535 - days ago 
Thats really neat, how do you manage to get the graphs to sit side by side like that ?

moanazoho 2535 - days ago 
See in the wilki its easy to do just put the graphs next to each other.

OK next question is how do you set up to interact with the database when you click on the graphs?


Nick 2534 - days ago 
Does anyone know where I can find the definitive list of number of athletes by country?

Great site
Kovil Pillai Paulthiraviam 2534 - days ago 
@Shane: We are working "Records" report and I shall keep you posted. Meanwhile, kindly checkout our new reports here: http://olympics2008.wiki.zoho.com/Olympics-Stats2.html

You can create new reports and other views based on the same data that we are using after login to Zoho DB & Reports. I am sorry to say that we haven't provided an option to download/export data.

Kovil Pillai P.,
Zoho DB & Reports.
Kovil Pillai Paulthiraviam 2534 - days ago 
Hi Nick,

You can find the "number of athletes by top 7 countries" in this chart

Checkout the full list here

Kovil Pillai P.,
Zoho DB & Reports.
Shane 2534 - days ago 
Hi Kovil,

Thanks ;) It's great to see you're still adding goodies even though there are only a couple of days left in the Olympics!

I'd definitely vote for Zoho becoming the Official Olympic Statisticians ;)
Kovil Pillai 2534 - days ago 
Hi, kcaise!

Thanks for your comment. As a matter of fact, we got a lot more options to visualise your data. Kindly login to http://reports.zoho.com and share your feedbacks with us.

Kovil Pillai P.,
Zoho DB & Reports.
Olympics Live Channel 2534 - days ago 
Beijing Olympics 2008 Live

Watch Live on

<a href="http://olympicslivechannel.blogspot.com">http://olympicslivechannel.blogspot.com</a>

Good Quality Streaming. Frequently updating.......
zdbtemplate 2533 - days ago 
Hi, Shane!

Here are some more interesting charts:
Records By Country:
Records By Day:
Records By Discipline:

Kovil Pillai P.,
Zoho DB & Reports.
zdbtemplate 2533 - days ago 
Hi, Peter!

Interaction with database is done using simple JavaScript (AJAX Request), HTML (area map)

Kovil Pillai P.,
Zoho DB & Reports.
Toober.com 2532 - days ago 
Toober.com loves the olympics!!
Guest 2531 - days ago 
good job! this was fascinating
Guest 2525 - days ago 
i would like to see number of medals per number of participants of each country... anybody knows where to find?
Guest 2128 - days ago 
Will the chart auto refreshed after being posted to site, when the data being updated? Or it is a static chart?
Shibu Alexis Francis 2123 - days ago 
Hi Thanks for the comment.

The chart is not refreshed automatically unless the browser or the view in Zoho Reports are refreshed. We do have this in our roadmap. Will address this in the future.
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